Teaching | Design Process Diagram

Design process and it is fundamental to how I teach. I originally formulated this process model when I first started teaching in 2002.
As I prepared for teaching my first class, I realized that I had not given much thought to how one designs… i.e. how does one get from the initial problem or assignment or perceived need to a successful solution. So I began analyzing how I had been working for 20+ years as a designer. Plus I read a lot about design process. This model has been edited and refined over the 15 years I've been teaching. I use it as a framework for many of my class assignments use. If there is one thing I want all my students to learn and internalize, it is "design process."

Design process can be applied to a myriad of other design fields, and really as a way to approach many "problems." If you want to see 131 more, check out Dubberly Design Office's How Do You Design? A Compendium of Models.