Editorial/Feature Design | Edible Louisville

Using borders and frames to add extra detail is my little "creative sandbox." Using custom strokes I can create a stamp effect for the frames of the recipes and the page border in this layout. The pattern in the border is created using type glyphs from various fonts that have ornaments.

Wood type ornaments are another way to bring a timeless feel to the magazine. That means recreating those ornaments found in old printer specimen books and sometimes creating new ones in the spirit of those ornaments.

The magazine features many recipes and a lot of love goes into formatting the recipes. The custom stroke framing the recipe reminds me of a doily. An additional rule gives more refinement. Using a type with true fractions is important when typesetting recipes. Call me ODC, but I love the details.

This layout combines historic woodcut illustrations with contemporary illustrations — both hand-colored in Photoshop.

The writer and editors wanted to show the different varieties of apples at Haney Orchards. They are shown with a stamp format and an additional dotted line to frame the image. The overall page background uses an old fabric pattern to evoke the wallpaper in a country kitchen from an earlier time.

For our first annual beverage issue, the editors wanted a Kentucky map showing breweries on one, distilleries on another, and wineries on a third to introduce various sections of the magazine. The icons created for the map were used in both print and an online interactive map.