Publication Design | Harvesting Wild Edibles

Client: Edible Louisville & the Bluegrass Project: Harvesting Wild Edibles Ads and Booklet Historic botanical images were used to convey a natural tone and provide a visual consistency for this project. Initially designed as 1/4 page ads for Edible Louisville & the Bluegrass magazine, the complete series was repurposed as a small format booklet that users could carry with them when foraging for wild plants.

Instead of a traditional feature layout for an article on foraging, we decided to let our readers do some "foraging" themselves. We let them know on the contents page that they would find Wild Edibles throughout the magazine. Then we used designed the information as 1/4 page ads and scattered them throughout the publication. The last page—Edible Ending—wrapped it up with some additional information.

After the original usage in the magazine, these designs took on a second life as a small format booklet. This allowed for four additional pages to be included that were not able to be included in the magazine. View Wren's Rules on